The adoption world has moved to social media!

I am not exactly a social media maven, so the fact that I’m writing this article at all is somewhat amusing. I don’t use Twitter or Instagram or whatever the current cool social media platform is. I will also be the first to admit that it took me a long, long time to join the […]



3 Ways Adoption Changed Me

“I really thought that when our home study was complete, we were on our way to building our family, that our baby would come, and he would be ours. The adoption would simply be the vehicle used to get him to us. That is what I thought. I suppose it is a glorified, naivety about […]



To My Friends Who Are Foster Parents: You are brave and you are courageous, foster parents.

“Dearest Friends, You are brave. You are changing lives. You are brave to choose to love big at the expense of your heart and comfort. You are courageous. And though it is hard to see, you are changing lives. The kids’ lives entrusted to you, yes. But also your family’s, your friends’, mine. While you […]

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