Trainings Options

  • Participants must contact the appropriate region to register for Level II and Level III trainings.
  • If the minimum attendance limit is not met for a particular session, it will be canceled (unless the local homefinder requests otherwise).
  • If a training session is canceled, registered participants are notified by phone or e-mail. This website posts updates under the Site News Forum on the front page and the Latest News block on the right side of the site.
  • It is extremely important to pre-register 48 hours in advance to avoid cancellations.

PRIDE Preservice (Level I) Training

These trainings must be completed before any Inservice (Level II/Level III) Trainings are started.

  • Orientation for WVDHHR families (If you are with a private agency, please contact agency for Orientation date)
  • Session 1 – Connecting With PRIDE
  • Session 2 – Teamwork Toward Permanence
  • Session 3 – Meeting Developmental Needs-Attachment
  • Session 4 – Meeting Developmental Needs-Loss
  • Session 5 – Strengthening Family Relationships
  • Session 6 – Meeting Developmental Needs-Discipline
  • Session 7- Continuing Family Relationships
  • Session 8 – Planning for Change
  • Session 9 – Taking PRIDE-Making an Informed Decision

Inservice (Level II) Training

Please contact us to register for these classes.

  • Chemical Dependency
  • Promoting Cultural and Personal Identity
  • Issues Related to Sexuality
  • Working with Sexually Abused Children
  • Complex Behaviors
  • Building Effective Communication Skills
  • Promoting a Positive Self-Esteem
  • Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture, and Meet Developmental Needs
  • Supporting Relationships Between Children and Their Families

Advanced Inservice (Level III) Training

These trainings may only be started after all Inservice (Level II) Trainings are completed.  Please contact us to register for these classes.

  • Pre-Teen Development
  • Sexually Reactive Children
  • Teens in Care
  • ADHD to Autism
  • Cyber Safety
  • De-escalation Skills: Anger and Aggression
  • Advanced Discipline
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Parenting the Drug or Alcohol Affected Child