Kristin Chenoweth: “Lion” Offers ‘Honest Look At Adoption’

Kristin Chenoweth couldn’t contain her feelings after watching the movie, Lion. The story of the orphan Indian boy who was lost at age 5 and adopted by loving parents in Australia is filled with truths that adoptees and adoptive parents can relate to well. Continue reading the article by clicking on link below. https://adoption.com/kristin-chenoweth-lion-offers-honest-look-at-adoption



7 Ways To Adopt Without Going Into Debt

“I would adopt if it weren’t so expensive.” The amount of times I’ve heard this statement is uncountable. I get it: the high fees surrounding domestic infant and international adoption are overwhelming. There is a lot of talk about ethics in the adoption world. Continue reading by clicking on the link below. https://adoption.com/7-ways-to-adopt-without-going-into-debt  

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